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Hi from England

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Just bought a 2007 CRV in preparation for retirement, 2.2 diesel with leather seats (first ever car I've owned with leather upholstery - and they're heated!!). EX L version??

I'm in the Midlands, near Derby. Going back to owning a car following 30 plus years of company cars, so digging out and de-rusting the old tools again

Why a CRV? Had one a few years ago and was impressed by the quality of build and after-sales service, plus I tow a caravan so need the grunt this vehicle provides

I'm sure to post a few daft questions - be gentle with me.......
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The plate on the car says the car weighs 2160 kg, the gross train weight should not exceed 4160 kg. The MTPLM (Max total permissible laden weight) of the 'van is 1460kg

Over here the caravan club recommend you don't pull more than 80% of the vehicle weight at least until you've gained experience of towing

hope that helps
Congratulations! It sounds like you have a 2007 EX-L. Do you have talking navigation? I also have a 2007 EX-L with leather heated seats. Love my 2007!

You will love your CRV!
Hi. it does have the talking navigation. It's a nice machine, when I figure out all the controls.

I'm currently trying to establish how to turn off both radio and satnav and have the clock displayed. Do you know how this is done?
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