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Just picked up a 2007 CR-v
with 4 wheel drive basically loaded
I really like the car it's incredibly safe in the rain and snow my opinion about the car is it gets all things done well .
In the 2 months I've owned it I've already put on. Four thousand miles in comfort
But they're are some teething pains the
warranty will cover like number one
Small antifreeze leak possibly related to the Head and sometimes VSR idiot lights comes on but I wonder if that's just related to the head gasket issue or cracked head
Naturally each day I double check my antifreeze level top it off & as a backup till fixed I change the oil every 1500 miles utilizing synthetic
I did have a set of fouled out plugs change again I feel related to the small antifreeze leak about 3/4 gal in 4000 miles
Still wile I await the drop car off date at auto shop it's a really sweet running car
I love it and I'm very optimistic of all the repairs taken care of in the end
Not my first rodeo with a CR-V I had a 1999 CRV with 200,000 primarily used by my daughter @ $400 purchase price a great old clunker she was , this one here is light years ahead of that so I'll keep you posted with its progression to fine-tune it

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Head gasket issues are not too common with the K series engine. Perhaps yours was overheated in a past 'life'?

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I have 8000 miles more use then warrantee is over so got to bring in
Maybe head is warpped
Since previous owner did replace Radiator , an overheating is a good chance AS need for the radiator
in the first place
The .dealer is going to lend me a car while they fix it so I'll keep my fingers crossed .
I did once see a drop of oil floating
near rad filler cap ( a lucky find ) as never once more but there is a small breach
there was what I felt was sludgey looking oil resado but the synthetic oil & more numerous changes
of it have a clean dipstick and now when I wipe my finger on the inside of the valve cover the muck is gone
Who knows the warranty just might opt for another motor this one's got a hundred and forty plus
At least a head I figure
If they take the head off they should put a new water pump in while they're there but I'd want a factory water pump or the highest quality water pump as a Low-cost water pump might not even be as good as what's on there now
Any other recommendations if they do take the head off what kind of parts should be putting new in
Simply because they're at that point
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