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Hi guys. My name is Johan van Huyssteen and I finally purchased my first ever car... at age 31! It's a 2014 Honda CR-V, 2.0ℓ comfort with 94000 kms on the clock. The colour - according to the spec sheet is 'platinum white pearl'. Just before this purchase I briefly had a Mitsubishi Pajero/ Shogun for 3 days before the auto-box went. Traumatic! Luckily the banks helped me out of that mess. I then promised myself two things:
  1. Get a reliable car!
  2. Go manual
My instincts told me to go Honda and that's what I did. First impressions, after doing about 3000 kms (in one month... don't ask how!):
  • It is reliable... phew
  • Paintwork is stunning
  • Engine sings like a hummingbird. Love it. A bit slow on acceleration though
  • Gearbox is nice, but slightly sticky between 1st and 2nd gear
  • Clutch is overly sensitive on 1st gear ratio
  • Black cloth seats get dirty very quickly
  • The speaker system is NOT good. I can live with that, but apparently my friend can not :)
  • The 'infotainment' system is extremely limited, almost laughable. Basically just a clock and wallpaper. I do have the entry level model though!
  • Enjoying all the power plugs and connections as well as all the little storage compartments
  • On that note, the luggage space alone is worth getting this car for. Boggles my mind. Loaded 300kg worth of film equipment for my recent trip between Johannesburg and Cape Town.
My short-term goal (need your advice):
I'm really struggling to find anyone with experience putting mud tires on 2014 Honda CR-Vs. It seems very common for models before 2013, but nigh impossible for all models thereafter. I'm willing to do a lift, but want to avoid if not necessary. Before scolding me, please realise that the roads I travel on weekends get muddy, so I do need it. All-terrains simply turn into slicks when mud gets involved. I don't need proper off-road ability, simply something that drains the tire fast. Any advice or pointing to the correct forum would be much appreciated.

I wish to drive this beautiful Japanese machine for a good 10 years or so; just like my parents drove all their Japanese cars for decades before me.

Thank you for your time, I do appreciate it.
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