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Welcome to the CRVOC forum. Many fine folks from around the globe here.

Several things that will help you with this and other concerns which you may have with your new ride.

1.] Click on your Avatar [upper right hand corner], -->Account Settings, -->Vehicle Information. Complete all information regarding your vehicle so that it appears automatically when you post on this site, as you can see from my response. With 5 generations of the "V" along with the 6th just around the corner, knowing which year & trim will greatly assist anyone who wants to aid you with any concerns you may have regarding your new ride.

2.] Next to your Avatar are 3 dots. Click on them, -->Advanced Search. Fill in the particulars of your concern, then hit Search. You will find real world examples of how other forum members handled the same issue.

3.] As you already have a Civic, have you joined a similar Civic forum? Type this into your browser's search engine: Honda Civic Hybrid forum . IIRC, the Civic platform received the hybrid drivetrain well before the CRV platform. On Civic sites you may find hybrid owners who have accumulated very high mileages. Being a member on a Civic forum may give you some insights into CRV hybrid ownership.

Enjoy your new ride.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts