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home made SRI to CAI convers

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my K&N SRI came with corrugated piping so i used it to make a cold air intak conversion. so on dry days i can use CAI, or if i want to go mud bogging, or on wet days, i can go with SRI, here is how it looks.

dont worry, im putting a K&N on tomorrow.
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I like the snorkel idea a lot. But my only worry is cutting a hole in the fender. In a crash the front of the V "folds" up fairly nicely and it may lessen some of the rigidity of the right side. The occupants in the V should be safe but it may add more damage to the V.

I have been looking for a snorel kit for the gen 1 for a while but I haven't seen one at all. I have though of the Rain gutter but I would think it would be a bit too flimsy (I never decided to tost the strength of them:D) But I guess if it worked before it will still work now:)

I thought of using PVC pipe and making some what of a cover that would go around a cold air intake. Although it may look to big and bulky.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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