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Honda Collection Hall Tour: Inside the Honda Museum

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It's every Honda fanboy's dream and last week during a technical seminar and product presentation we were treated to a look inside the Honda Museum. Located at the Twin Ring Motegi race track, the Honda Collection Hall is an historical walk-through of the automaker's street and race cars, as well as its even longer history of building motorcycles unfortunately we simply didn't have enough time to photograph the motorcycle halls.

We spied everything from the first four-wheel Honda (the T360 mini pickup truck), to the S600 (the original Honda sports car), to the first CRX and Integra, not to mention an NSX R. There's also quite the collection of Honda race cars, from Formula 1 and IndyCar to classic road racers and a SuperGT NSX.

In addition, the Honda collection Houses a number of Honda's other areas of expertise, from snowmobiles and power equipment to a history of the Asimo robot. Look for another post detailing the photographic history of Asimo soon.

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Screw Disneyland, I am going there for my next vacation! :cool:
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