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Hello all - my Honda CR-V 2006 LX has a very basic tape and cd system with at least one speaker not working. It also does not have a back up cam as well, nor Bluetooth. I am thinking that I need all speakers to be replaced, a new blue tooth in dash stereo and navigation system and a back up camera. My questions are as follows:

1. If I wanted to replace all speakers, am I replacing 4 or are there more (e.g. a separate subwoofer)? Any recommended not too expensive speakers?

2. What are the recommended in dash systems that will allow me to not only use Google maps for navigation but also have a sleek interface with blue tooth capability and back up camera video?

3. What are the recommended back up cameras?

4. While replacing these electronics is there anything additional I should be replacing (e.g. radar detector)?

5. Best buy offers installation services. Instead of piecemealing it if I get the $200 per year total tech support geek squad service, several of these are covered. Would it make sense doing that? The link is

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Let's see if I can help.

1. On an LX basic model with basic head unit, you won't have a sub, not sure if you have tweeters, but you should have 4 door speakers.
2 and up. There are many, many, from el cheapo to in the sky. I would go to and do my research there. More info below.

Crutchfield will have a huge selection, will tell you exactly what fits your V, has reviews, provides info on installation and other hardware needed for it, and provides enough info for you to do your own install. They can also build custom wiring harnesses to match your choices for cheap, to make installs plug and play. Best Buy is overpriced and their installation skills can be somewhat questionable and also expensive. Your best bet is to do the research first, then decide what to do. Let us know.

On my '07, I plan a full upgrade, with a 2DIN head unit fully loaded, speakers, crossovers, tweets, an amp, speakers and a sub. I will go with Crutchfield, and it will be easy. Now I'm just waiting for the money to magically appear. :)

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Assuming you have an android or iphone, aim to get a double din that allows you to mirror the maps on to it. Go look at crutchfields website to learn what can be added to you V, then chose the speakers etc that are well matched with it.
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While your door cards are off when replacing speakers: line the sheetmetal with insulation mat. It will make the biggest difference.
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In my 2005 EX I installed a new head unit, camera and speakers. Inexpensive speakers w/o subwoofer since my years of motorcycling kinda reduced my finer audio needs.

Some things to consider.
--if your steering wheel has radio controls and you want to use them you'll need an adapter unit.
--You'll probably need to mount a mic somewhere. I did mine by the rearview mirror so the a-pillar trim needed to be removed.
--With the tire on the back door mounting the camera by the license means there will be an offset view. With my camera mounted in the center of the plate trim I could see the edge of the tire so I mounted it further out. The middle of the plate probably would have been fine.
--To run the cable to the camera I tucked it up under the headliner edge. To come down to the radio I ran it down the a-pillar. I did the same sort of installation on my 2008 EX. For it I removed trim panels and stayed low following the wiring harness for the tail end. That was probably the better way.
--You'll need to find a connection for the emergency brake (for the radio to know you're in park which frees up some functions) and the reverse lights (to trigger the camera). I connected the reverse sensor wire at the under dash relay box. For the e-brake I used something called a MicroByPass. It's inexpensive and available on Amazon. Saved tracking down that elusive wire.
--The speakers I got were small enough that I didn't have to do any mods to the door, but they did require a connector adapter for the wires.

All the main bits came from Crutchfield. They were invaluable for their online system to identify what would fit in the CRV and for the misc parts needed, like the trim kit to fit around the new radio. Although I could have built the harness, I had them do it. Not a biggie on the 2005 but it was a big help with the 2008's wiring since it had a more complex steering wheel control adapter box. They also helped me confirm where to find the reverse wire.

The HU I got was for an iPhone only, so if you have an android it's not for you. Also it is wireless, which is one thing I really wanted. Which reminds me, although it's wireless it still has a USB port. I mounted mine in the little cubby under the radio. Also while I things apart, I replaced the A/C control had burned out.

HU: Alpine iLX-107 wireless CarPlay
Trim kit: Metra 95-7801
SWC adapter: Axxess ASWC-1
USB/AUX mount: Batige USB 3.0 and 3.5mm AUX extension cables, flush mount
Backup camera: Alpine HCE-C1100
License plate mount (didn’t use): Alpine KTX-C10LP
Speakers (both front and back): Kenwood KFC-1666S 6 1/2"
A/C controls bulbs (optional): Honda 79670-SL0-A01 4mm (three), 79672-S3N-N41 3mm (three)
Various Honda trim clips (to replace any broken clips)

Electrical tape: Scotch 33+
Harness tape: Tesa 51608 19mm
Zip ties: UtiliTech Outdoor Cable Ties 4”, pack of 100 (from Lowes)
Solder, resin based
Crimp wire connectors: quick disconnect bullet red 16 AWG, two pairs
Heat shrink tubing
Posi-Products: Posi-Taps, one blue 16-18 Ga, and one red 20-22 Ga.

Trim tools: ABN 11-piece
Socket wrench and sockets
Soldering iron
Heat gun
Utility knife
Wire snips
Crimping tool
Wire stripping tool
Continuity tester
Label maker (optional)

Tools for speaker replacement:
Drill and bits
Permanent marker
Dental pick (optional, for door panel removal)

USB drive (to load custom startup screen)
SanDisk 16GB 2.0 Flash Cruzer Glide

Best o' luck with it.

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If you really want all the features you mention, and then some, go big or go home.
I did an install of an Alpine W-970HD in a 2006 CRV with satellite radio, a backup camera, and GPS not so long ago.
The owner was very happy, although it is an expensive upgrade.
As for speakers, you can upgrade both front and rear for anywhere from $350 to $800 depending on how much quality you want. Alpine makes a great little booster amp which I also installed for this friend for and extra $200.
My friend is very happy with the upgrade, although at the end of the day the total was around $1200

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Do what I do. Shop Crutchfield to see what fits. Then buy it elsewhere and save a good chunk of money. 😉 I do buy a few things from them, but not much. However, what you get with your higher cost is their unparalleled support after the sale (which I don't need), a full list of extras that fit your vehicle, and you are assured you are buying from an authorized dealer. (I tend to shop patiently and wait for the right components to come along as refurbished, open box, or even lightly used. I've done this for decades.) They do charge more for the dash kits, but on the other hand, they sometimes throw some of these extras in for free, depending on what you purchase, so don't overlook that advantage.

You can use the on-board amplifier but will get better results using an external amp. I used a small Kenwood that puts out 50W x 4 RMS. These power some Morel Maximo 6 component speakers up front and Maximo 6 coaxials in the rear doors. I doubt the 2nd gen came with a sub, so you'll have to add that. Take a look at the new powered "spare tire subwoofers" that will fit inside your spare tire. The Cerwin Vega is slimmer than the JBL, so it may fit under the picnic table in the rear. There is a third one but I can't remember the manufacturer. The Pioneer spare tire sub is lousy; don't bother with it. (Two 4" woofers...I have one...enough said.) If you want to size one to see if it will fit, remember this little twist on the traditional carpentry rule: measure twice, buy once. 😁

Here are extras you may need.
  • If you have steering wheel controls for volume and channel changing, you may need an adapter for the radio to retain those controls.
  • You will need a Honda harness to wire into your new radio's harness, so you can connect it simply by snapping the two together.
  • There are also speaker harnesses that will adapt the Honda speaker wiring harness to the spade terminals that all speakers tend to use.
  • Some speakers need adapters to fit the factory openings. See what you need, and order appropriately.
  • You will need a dash kit to adapt the double-DIN radio to your CR-V's mounting points, and provide a nice trim ring to finish it off.
  • Many head units offer backup camera capabilities, with the camera as an accessory (which often bolts onto the two top bolts of your license plate). You would need to wire this yourself, and purchase the camera if not included with your head unit.
  • In my install in an '09, I ran the two USB ports on the back of the head unit to my center console with a USB3 extender and mount from Amazon. Inside the console, I removed the AUX port, slightly enlarged the opening, and the mount for the USB fit perfectly. One USB port is for the phone; the other is for a USB thumb drive. Totally stealthy.
  • Modern touchscreen radios require you to hook up a wire to your parking brake trigger, so they can detect if you are parked. Because they disable most functions on the radio if you are driving, including using Google Maps (other than by voice). This is not at all helpful, since I often have someone riding with me who can operate it for me. Solution--buy a parking brake bypass. They attach with three wires.
  • If you use external amps and/or a powered subwoofer, you will have to run heavy copper cable from your battery to the amp(s), along with a matching cable to a ground point.
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