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Hello All,

I am facing an issue where I am no longer able to enter programming mode for my honda key fob to lock/unlock it.

I was able to once in the past and had it working fine after that for a few weeks but now it stopped working again. It behaves in a very wierd manner.

1. When I try to lock the car using key fob, it actually unlocks it and without making any lock/unlock sound, it actually unlocks the car. The red light on the key fob turns on for a very long duration.
2. When I try to unlock the car using the key fob, nothing happens at all. It doesnt make light on nor any sound and the car actually remains locked.
3. Even panic button wont work
4. This all started happening after replacing battery for remote. I did put a new battery but it wont work after that.

Please let me know in case any more information is needed.

Thank You in advance.
- Kaleend
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