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Honda CRV 2007 odd sound when pulling away?

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Morning everyone

I have a 2007 Honda CRV, absolute dream of a car. However since I have had it I have noticed this screeching sound when I pull away. It only happens occasionally. But when the steering wheel is locked at full steer it seems to be worse. The sound only happens when the car is pulling off initially.

Any ideas?


link of sound in video

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Is your V a UK Gen2, or Gen3? (Not equipped with electric PAS, power assisted steering)

My GUESS is that it has hydraulic steering and the serpentine belt is slipping. Even with low miles, that belt is OLD if original, and needs to be replaced.

Oh, and PLEASE do not hold the steering at full lock when turning. Also, 'roll' the car when turning the wheel during parking maneuvers, to lessen the load demands on the system.

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Another guess is that your brake pads are worn & not releasing as they should.

Do you know the last time you had a complete brake system overhaul - check the pad thickness, rust on the pad carriers, no lubrication on the sliding pins, etc.

Not sure of your DIY skills, but checking all these parts using the proper safety equipment, floor jack stands not just using the jack alone, should not be too difficult.

Again, as TDK commented on your second post, use only this post for any added questions. Duplicate posts can create confusion among the OP and responders, thus preventing the OP from getting accurate responses in a timely manner.

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Safer and more trust worthy to use YouTube.

No idea why you didnt upload it there. 🤷‍♂️
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