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For people having the same issue as I had, I had serious exhaust leak in my cabin in the morning when I started my car and when ever I stopped at red lights.

I had this issue diagnosed by many garage including Honda dealer in Québec St Eustache Hamel Honda (the worse incompetants mecanics btw)!

They never found the issue ... always telling me that they tried to block the exhaust with a cloth and saw no leaks or noise ....blabla....

I found the issue myself ... it was the exhaust gasket donut , the one near the engine ... they are only 2.

I had to replace this on my Toyota Yaris 2008 also ... they tend to wear out around 200k or 7 years in my case.

The way I found it is that I waiting for a very cold day, -29 and open the Hood and looked behind my engine near the heat shield covering the exhaust tubes. Smoke was coming out from there.!

I went to 3 different places and NONE was able to solve this issue, I even had to tell the mecanics what was the issue again and again as he did not understand how the leak was related to the gasket leaking......

Hope this save you may headache In the adventure tying to solving this simple issue.

Im hot man! the Mecanics in QUEBEC, all bunch of clown seriously!
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