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Hello fellow CRV owners, i am stuck i don't know what else that can be done.

I changed my clutch recently (not my first, but my 10th clutch change this year with many different other cars) on my honda CRV 2003 2.4 litre. The car drove properly, on my way back from work the second day, the clutch pedal depressed and wouldn't come back up.
I then changed the clutch master cylinder, changed the slave cylinder, topped it up with dot 4 oil, bled it and the clutch still doesn't come back up...
There is pressure through the lines, there are 0 leaks whatsoever, the items are both new and are both for the car too... i even swapped them for ones from a wreckers to see if they were the issue, but the result remained the same...

If there is anything anyone can suggest please for the love of whatever help.

Thank you
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