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Honda CRV Oil Change Video of the Year: Viewer descretion is advised

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This is a Rated- R Oil change,If you are offends yout, Well in advance I wanrend you and will say MyBad- that is Sorry, my apologese. Now with all Due respect. AKA Roadster is back in Da House. Thanks carbuff2, and rocky. let me know if I steped the boundries. I thought my Oil followers get a kick then watching some Boring Nit picking thread about some stuid coloured carptet piece stuck in an ac cabin filter.. And saying that My ole Buddy raccoon can not forget him

Get your Popcorn - dam that was the rc site, get your drink, you're going to need it

thank you I dissed it out, so without any disrespect. Happy Holidays to all.. Tickets are on Sale. this is in 4K IMAX style....

I want a Comment on the video I want a Like on it to. oh by the way Happy Holidays to all in advance Have a Safe 2019 Christmas

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hello all....ita CrvOwner back again...kind of lost my nick and all my posts and time here so not able to start a thread,,,,,,new site looks awesome and as usual great videos by fishycomics
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