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Honda has announced the 2020 Fit, which like the CR-V includes a hybrid power train. The CR-V is supposed to get the Accord's (similar to the Insight and Clarity) system, which is called iMMD (for intelligent Multi-Mode Drive). Generation 2. But the release calls the Fit's "e:HEV," and says that all electrified Hondas in the future will carry the "e:" prefix.

However, the description ("the automaker’s newly announced e:HEV two-motor hybrid system, which will also be available later in the Accord") sounds like it is the same system, maybe with a few tweaks. Maybe a Generation 3? And the schedule is late winter/early spring, which coincides with the CR-V hybrid, making me think the two are related and the delay is because of whatever changes will occur. This is all speculation, of course, since no details were included.
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