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The article also notes that the Hybrid Fit may not be released in the US either though. If it did.. I certainly would not buy that jelly bean looking vehicle shown in the article.

Honda certainly may change the branding of their hybrids over time.. they certainly have in the past. Or.. it could be that e:XXX may be Japan specific, same with the funky trim level names. Now way to know for sure. But since they plan to be majority hybrids/electrics sales by around 2025.. it would not surprise me.

Personally, they can call it an "electric donut" if they like... as long as I like what the system actually is, and how it performs. :)

I'm more interested in the Honda Connect on-board communication system. This includes remote control of select vehicle functions by smartphone, emergency support services in the event of a traffic accident, and security services. I have suspected for some time now that Honda will evenually do away with head units and instead integrate all connectivity through smartphones... and it looks like that is the case with this new Fit, at least for the Japan market (note no head unit all on the dash, in the photos). Looks like they have a mounting spot instead for a tablet or large smartphone. Or, maybe this is just a new version of HondaLink, on steroids, and they just don't show head units in these show models.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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