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The term "honest" with respect to car dealer is a subjective one, but if you have bought CRV from a dealer who was straight forward with you from the beginning and did not play tricks with or during the purchase process will you post the dealer name along with state and hopefully with sales man name here ? Please post only if you have made your purchase with them. Hopefully everyone on this forum will benefit from others experience.

Request folks to not post their negative experience on this thread since we all know these experiences are aplenty and we can write a book about them.
Given the number of dealers spread across North America, I don't see how this will get much value or traction.

But.. here goes.. :)

Anderson Honda
Palo Alto, California.
Sales person: George Werner

Straight dealer that plays no games, and really wants you to be a satisfied customer. They are also currently THE TrueCar recommended dealer in the bay area. You get a TrueCar quote, and you will also have a phone call or email from a sales person within an hour too. Less then 90 minutes to complete a sale as well.

Fair, competitive, up front pricing, and they even gave me more for my 2008 CRV trade-in then I would have asked for (first time of not having to haggle or throw a tantrum with a dealer on a trade-in).

Anderson Honda is currently the ONLY dealer I will buy from in the bay area... and have purchased two new Hondas from them in the last 3 years.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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