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How are the 2016's?

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I Had a 2018 with the oil dilution and lack of heat issue. Thats gone, my son will be home from the Peace Corp in early fall and has his heart set on a CR-V. I'm seriously looking at getting him a 2016 with low miles. Do the 16's have any issues I should be looking for?
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I went through a similar decision making process just over a year ago. We were in the market for an SUV and I had a 2nd generation CR-V back in the early 2000's. It had been very reliable and we started down the path of looking at new vehicles. We really liked some of the features and creature comforts of the 2018 CR-V but some of the reported issues concerned me and I wasn't all that thrilled with the idea of having a turbo. We bought a CPO 2016 EX-L and couldn't be happier. After a year of ownership we like the vehicle more today than when we first drove it off the lot. We saved some dollars at the time of purchase and the insurance/taxes are also a little less expensive than what a new model would run.

I'm not aware of any significant issues on the 2016 models. There is the "rough" idle issue that some of the 2015's experienced and I have heard that perhaps some of the 2016's were impacted but I can't prove that. Beyond that I don't know of any other concerns.
Looks like the 2017 was the first year for that on the CR-V. Here's a link to a few other vehicles that will support it as well:
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