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How are the 2016's?

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I Had a 2018 with the oil dilution and lack of heat issue. Thats gone, my son will be home from the Peace Corp in early fall and has his heart set on a CR-V. I'm seriously looking at getting him a 2016 with low miles. Do the 16's have any issues I should be looking for?
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Some of us dont trust the cvt (2015-16) Some love it. I guess it comes down to personal expirience, bias, expectations and preferences.

My wife's V is a 2016 with cvt and 50000 miles currently - love the transmission, hate the idle vibration (it had all the "fixes" applied at the factory). The vibration dissapears for a while (10-15k miles) after a drain and refill of the cvt though.

To me, the V is extremely versatile and just plain easy to drive. It is also "fun" to push around corners (easy to get close to the limit).

Known (to me at least) problems (tsb's available)
1.Water pump might seize way too ealry - not related with coolant changes frequency/actual defect in part.
2. Car stalls when cold and thrown in reverse-if the case-transmission must be replaced
3. TSB to update cvt software must be done timely to prevent slipping of the belt and damaging transmission. If damaged already, codes will be stored and would point to transmission replacement.
4. as said above -idle vibration that makes some of us hate the vehicle.
5.vtc actuator grind-have not experienced that one yet (now that I said it...)-lots of info on this forum.

Overall, we as a family, love the V. I actually plan to leave it for my DD after wife gets a new bigger SUV (new pilot is coming out soon:)))

Engine pulls well, car handles well, brakes are solid performer, ground clearance is enough for occasional camping (if you drive knowing its a crossover NOT an SUV) a LOT of space - costco's full assembled dresser in box fit in (flat second row seats) and I closed the hatch. Also a slightly folded queen mattress fits with the hatch closed!!!
Baby seats (the biggest britax I could find fit well with a little room between them. Not enough for a person or third seat though.

Again, my bias towards the V is based on comparing the CRV to my other vehicle with RWD ,8sp ZF auto (which is calibrated well and shifts brilliantly!!!) still, I hate automatics by default- always drove stick until wife forbade it, so we can switch cars if needed.
The V does not have gears with the cvt , which helps not be annoyed with the auto hunting for gears, switching when I dont want it to etc.

Hope my long-winded reply is actually helpful:)
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