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How are the 2016's?

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I Had a 2018 with the oil dilution and lack of heat issue. Thats gone, my son will be home from the Peace Corp in early fall and has his heart set on a CR-V. I'm seriously looking at getting him a 2016 with low miles. Do the 16's have any issues I should be looking for?
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I bought a 16 EX AWD with 19,877 miles on it in Feb 2020. I plan to keep it a long time. I like it a lot.

As for music, I have about 2,000 songs on a Samsung Bar Plus flash drive ( they are better suited for reliability at the extremes of temperatures seen in vehicles, and load fast ). I bought Express Rip software for my home computer to rip my large collection of CD's, and Note Burner spotify music converter to convert songs from spotify, and also got many songs on CDs from the local library and ripped them with Express Rip. I do not miss Apple Play as my phone is an android based low cost refab anyhow, and the ever growing collection I keep on a flash-drive in the vehicle is very enjoyable to listen to.

I would recommend getting a 16 with 30 K or less miles ( so you know the CVT fluid has not been ran longer than 30 K without changing ) and changing the CVT fluid every 30 K miles and rear-end fluid ever 15 K miles. Which are super simple to do, but do take a while to do.

There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to change the CVT and rear-end fluid.

Being careful and putting down layers of plastic sheet, cardboard, and on top of that again plastic sheet, and cardboard, and keeping the container I poured the used fluid in, in a bigger bucket so any miss did not get on anything ( and there was a lot of miss that ended up in the bigger bucket even though I used a bib funnel ), and tilting the vehicle by raising the drivers side to drain the CVT better during draining, it took me 3 hours to do a drain and fill. But I did not spill a drop on the cement. Oil on cement stains and is almost impossible to remove.
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If someone hit and totaled my 16 EX I would be out looking for another 16 EX or EXL or Touring.
My phone screen is a little small for when I have to use the free GAIA gps app to navigate, but it is usable.
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