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2016 CRV EX-L
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That's correct. What i am looking is to mirror my google maps to the dash system either through HDMI/Bluetooth or any other method. So far i have no success with HDMI/Bluetooth for paring . I guess it's not possible.
I've tried this with my '16, didn't work. IIRC, the display is smaller and the resolution wasn't very good. And (more importantly) when you put it in drive the display goes off. There's supposedly a setting you can get to (a developer type setting) that will override the 'in drive' issue, but it didn't work for me. And besides, as mentioned, the display not being a full display, it was cropped, it really wasn't worth any more effort.

As beww mentions, these headunits simply don't have AA or Carplay. Getting a headunit with them in it entails some loss (almost certainly) of some of the existing functionality. And even then, every time you need to use maps you have to connect the phone first, and not just bluetooth, it needs more 'bandwidth' to send the maps (wifi, usb).

It's really like a losing battle. I prefer to use the phone via bluetooth (for the directions), a holder of some sort, and keep all the original functionality. But at the same time, mine is ex-l and has nav built in, and if you get gps coordinates it's easy to enter them and use it. They actually function quite well that way.

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