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How do I remove the sliding tray in the center console? 2022 hybrid

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I picked up my new 2022 hybrid yesterday and love it... except for the console storage. HATE that part.

Is there anything that will turn that gaping hole under the armrest/cover into some kind of actually useable space? Is there some kind of 4 walled insert that can go in there maybe?

Open to any suggestions!


EDIT to add: I bought some stuff to help me organize it in a way that better suits my needs, but I need to take the sliding trays out completely. I can slide them back and flip them up, but I can't figure out how to take them OUT. If anyone knows how, I'd appreciate the help!
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I keep a Netgear LTE hotspot in the lower compartment, powered by a 12-5 volt converter.
So the Head Unit can connect to the net without a phone, and passengers don't need to use their mobile data.
It can feed up to 20 users at 50 Mb/s each., makes me popular at campgrounds. :)
It can also store 128 GB of media folks can access if there's no cellular coverage.
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Does it have a monthly plan from a mobile operator? How much do you pay for the hotspot monthly?
It's on an AT&T monthly plan. I believe there are some pre-paid options as well.
It would be hard for me to give you a precise cost, as it's tied up with phones and some other LTE Chromebooks on the same account.
This might give you some idea of the cost:
Some might wonder why I don't just use a phone for a hotspot:

A phone can't serve out wifi at 5 Ghz.
The hotspot can pull data from up to four cell sites, for an aggregate speed of up to 1Gb. No phone will do that.
It can use external antennas for both LTE and wifi, allowing greatly extended range in the boonies.

It's useful for many things, like this morning my church wanted to Zoom out their service, I told them as long as there was a parking place for me they would have high speed internet.
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Do you have some kind of external antenna (for WiFi or LTE), or does it get adequate reception buried in the console?
I have both cellular and wifi antennas (I'm a retired RF engineer).
Even in the console I get surprisingly good results.
If in marginal cellular signal areas I sometimes just set it on the roof, if that doesn't work I get out the antennas.
I can even just stick it in my pocket if necessary, the battery is good for more than 12 hours.
Sounds like the antennas are not permanently installed then? At some point I want to put a 2m/440 amateur radio down there. There are several mobile rigs, like the BTech 25x2, that will fit nicely in that space. I'm curious to see how people have routed the cabling and mounted the antenna. I've searched for examples of installations in the CR-V, but there don't seem to be many for Gen5s.
Yup, the antennas are portable, only for stationary use.
Be careful of heat buildup, there is no ventilation in there. I unplug it or take the unit out of the car if it's going to sit in hot weather.
A radio would probably create even more heat.
I have a new rig on the way to me, but somehow I don't think a KWM-2A is going to fit in the console. :)
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Why don't you guys move the electronics discussion into its own thread?
Thought about it, but it is relevant to the use of the console space.
Power and heat issues will be relevant to many possible uses.
BTW - Welcome to the forum.
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What @sjw91 said 👆. That’s exactly what our cubby is used for, it’s where my wife keeps her purse along with a few extra KN95 masks and a couple of spare USB cables. But I get your point, there is not really a good spot for storing and accessing little loose stuff. Maybe put it inside a small zip bag first?
Exactly, I have a small plastic zip bag I keep in the driver's door pocket that holds supplies for my insulin pump.
That pocket goes way rearward, it can hold more than it looks like, there's also room for gloves and even a compact umbrella.
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