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How do I remove the sliding tray in the center console? 2022 hybrid

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I picked up my new 2022 hybrid yesterday and love it... except for the console storage. HATE that part.

Is there anything that will turn that gaping hole under the armrest/cover into some kind of actually useable space? Is there some kind of 4 walled insert that can go in there maybe?

Open to any suggestions!


EDIT to add: I bought some stuff to help me organize it in a way that better suits my needs, but I need to take the sliding trays out completely. I can slide them back and flip them up, but I can't figure out how to take them OUT. If anyone knows how, I'd appreciate the help!
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It's not even the lower part that I don't like. It's the empty space under the cover/armrest. The space under the sliding trays is, itself an unorganizable space. But the trays will end up with stuff on them, often making it a pain to access the space below. I'm not going to shove things into that space under the armrest. I'd rather have something there that can hold things I need easier access to where I can just lift up the armrest for access. I may build and mount some kind of box in there that the armrest would serve as the top to.
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so yours has an enclosed space under the armrest? that's what I need!

ours is just this, with an empty space underneath where you can't really put anything because the front tray needs to slide into that space in order to access the space below.
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Yup, the antennas are portable, only for stationary use.
Be careful of heat buildup, there is no ventilation in there. I unplug it or take the unit out of the car if it's going to sit in hot weather.
A radio would probably create even more heat.
I have a new rig on the way to me, but somehow I don't think a KWM-2A is going to fit in the console. :)
Why don't you guys move the electronics discussion into its own thread?

This is the 2022. It's different than what people posted above. There are two trays. My hybrid touring is just like this.

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Yes. that's the same as the one I posted, with the armrest open.

I need to figure out a better way to use that space under the armrest... even if it means mounting some kind of box in that space, leaving enough room for the front tray to still slide back.
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Thought about it, but it is relevant to the use of the console space.
Power and heat issues will be relevant to many possible uses.
BTW - Welcome to the forum.
my question is about the organization of the space. not about how a hotspot will work from within... not related at all.
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Registered 15 hours ago and already bossing us around 😜

You're fitting in just fine. Welcome.
Take no [Edited Out] and there will be no need to take prisoners ;)
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So what is it you want to utilize the space for? For example, it’s already perfect storage for a sawed off shotgun or two kilos of coke, do you have something else in mind?
Haha! My shotgun isn't sawed off. so it won't fit. ;) and I keep my kilos in the door panels, thankyouverymuch.

Honestly...there's nowhere for small things in this car... the mail key, a few pens, some bandaids, chapstick, hair ties, a tampon or two and that kind of stuff. My kids may be teens, but I'm still their mom! :D I need to be prepared with these things when the zombie apocalypse hits!
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I bought some organization things that might help me make it useable. I'd like to remove the sliding trays completely. Does anyone know how to do that?


Careful what you ask for: we just got the '22 HRV for it's safety features and interior storage is a joke - can't even stand up a 16oz water bottle in the door nor a tissue box in between the seats! My '17 CRV has been a dream but this one is gonna be a nightmare, at least as far as comfort goes!
We have 2 HRVs in the family. it's what my kids drive. And yeah... it's definitely worse from a storage standpoint! Good luck making it work!

On UK models, we can remove the tray entirely - not sure if thats something that you can/cant do on your 2022 car.
That only shows that you can flip it up, not remove it. I've tried youtube and google, but can't find anything.
4mins in - shows how the tray is removable for UK cars....

They're different now. It's 2 flat pieces and the front slides on top of the back one. It's hinged at the back wall of the armrest and doesn't just slide out like that. :cry:
Flipping it up then, may be your only choice (bar snapping it off and breaking it).
LOL! I might get to that point! 😂

It's been just a few days. Give it time with it just flipped up, and you'll probably be fine with it. There may be a point where you'll appreciate the security of closing it.
I have the perfect solution but it won't work with the tray in place, even folded up. Thanks though ;)

Here is one more option for you. Multiple versions of it available. Expensive, shipping cost is there and many months wait time expected.

As for the sliding tray, just keep it in the folded upright position. I'm pretty sure it can be removed once the top arm rear area is removed. If you are not a DYI person, take it to the dealer, they will remove it for you.

I would still leave it alone and put a nice bag there with multiple pockets to store things to your heart's content.

PS: nothing working out? time to look for a new car. This time, take all the stuff you want to put it in there, for the test drive.
Thanks. I'll see if I can get it disassembled.
I lost interest.... ;)

Taking it apart just wasn't worth it.

It's still a black hole of space that has completely missed the point of functionality. I'll definitely be watching for someone to design a way to reconfigure it to something useable. 🤷‍♀️
Have you talked to any auto upholstery shops? They might be able to take out the tray without breaking it and/or fabricate something to make it useful for you. I go to a lot of car shows and see some neat custom work.
Great Idea! I'll definitely look into that!!
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