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How to access gear shift unit on an automatic VTIS 2019?

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Hi all, wondering if anyone can tell me how to remove the console panels to access the gear shift? I have an automatic CRV VTIS 2019, AWD. I'm finding the gear shift very stiff and notchy and need to be able to soften this, but don't know what needs to be removed first to access the parts inside. Thanks for any advice! :)
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Looks like the vehicle is still under warranty. Have you taken it to the dealer to get it fixed? Most likely it just needs lube. Have you checked the trans fluid too?
Thanks for the suggestions! :) I should explain that it's brand new - just had it in for it's complimentary 1 month service so should be ok for trans fluid, etc, though it could be a bit stiff from being new I guess. The dealer did admit that the gear shift tends to be a bit notchy on the CRV.
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