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How to defeat the auto door lock if the driver's master switch is bad.

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Thank all for having me here. I have a 2006 CR-V with 250,000 miles and it has been a great car. It is now being handed down to a teenage driver in our family.
Our problem is the auto door lock function. It has been "on" and locking folks out for years. It appears that the reset or control mode to disable auto lock is done through the driver's master switch. ?? true? Our's has been broken for years and we have always worked around it no problem with manual unlock or outside handle unlock. We would like to know how or if anyone has been able to disable the auto lock with a bad master switch? We would prefer NOT to have to replace the driver master switch. We are low budget here. Thanks for any input or advice, Paul
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Try this , I had to do it for my old truck but I believe you may be having the same issue.

Give the contacts a good clean with rubbing alcohol and it should restore the function of the switch however it's not a guarantee that this is the issue. You could also check your fuzes and relays.
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