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So I got stuck with an '08 LEX a few years ago because my wife was freaking out about not having a car big enough for two kids (we had our second one on the way) and my mother in law worked some behind the doors deal with her to sell my car and buy her CRV. Long story short, I don't like the car - too thirsty, too slow, too uncomfortable - but I'm stuck with it until 2022.
I've added an Alpine bluetooth head unit that's been a nice upgrade. At least I can talk hands free and listen to podcasts. But man, the seats suck. I have herniated lumbar discs and any drive longer than an hour and my back is screaming at me. Is it possible to swap in some power seats from an Accord or Odyssey or even a Civic EX-L, something that's at least more comfortable in theory, without jumping through too many hoops with regard to airbags and general safety? Adding seat heaters would help me a lot.
Any other comfort and liveability mods that people have undertaken? Maybe climate control? How plug & play might that be? I've just accepted that I'll always average 20.8 MPG and will take 10 seconds to hit 60 MPH, so any little thing would be a nice upgrade so I don't want to drive this thing off a bridge at some point over the next 5 or 6 years!
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