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I'm trying to search all the forms for postings that contain two(2) specific terms. How to I tell the search function to look for postings that contain both "term 1" AND "term 2" ?

Do I separate the terms with commas ? (That doesn't seem to work for me)
Do I enclose each term in double quotes ?


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You should first try ADVANCED SEARCH. Click on the three dots to the right of your Avatar, the select Advanced Search. From there, you should be able to bring up the search terms that are useful.

An alternate method is to use Google. Type CRVOWNERSCLUB.COM: your search terms.
If you only want to search one area (such as TIRES and RIMS) type that before the colon.

PS, this was a pinned topic here in Community Help before the Xenforo update, but it was missing, so I pined it again. Sorry
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