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Hello lynettewestendorf and welcome to the forum. :)

I love my 2021CR-V except for the noises it makes. In particular, I'd like to silence the tailgate warning beep, which sounds both in opening and closing. The dealer says they can't remove the fuse because it isn't exclusive to the tailgate beep. Anyway to stifle the speakers?

Thanks. Lynette
I know owners sometimes find features or quirks about a new vehicle that their first impulse is to change it or disable it. But Honda never puts anything on a vehicle that is not either required or desired. In this case... we are talking "required by federal law".

To present a analogy by similarity:
Do you also disable the safety features on your garage door too? The ones that alert humans the door is active and actually protect the human from the door with safety interlocks to prevent injury. Same thing here, different application.

Please leave it alone.

It is required by federal law, in addition to other protections to prevent harm to humans from injury from the very heavy and moving tailgate. That beep is also to confirm that the cargo door is either open or closed to the driver. If you were to drive with that gate not properly sealed, you would expose your entire cabin to exhaust fumes.

So there are a number of safety specific things going on with that beep, and it needs to be left as is. It could in fact protect you and/or one of your family from injury in the future.

My guess is that that beeping is coming from the central alert sound system in the vehicle and if you were to disable it, you would lose a whole lot of other sounds and alerts as well.. most of which are there for your safety and protection.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts