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When I brought home my new CR-V with Navi, I was excited at the prospect of using the PC Card slot to load a much of music onto a flash memory card.

Searching through the threads here (and there are many), I couldn't figure out exactly what way to go. Should I use a Compact Flash (CF) card? Use an SD card? What size should I get? Would I get a MEDIA ERROR message? How do I fix that? How do I format the cards so they work in the system?

And while the advice is in the threads, it's a bit buried at times, and can be difficult to piece together when you've read over the threads multiple times, and you've got multiple ways you've been trying things out. So I thought I'd try to put one solution together in one post that will (hopefully) be easy to find.

I've seen many threads that question the size of the card that can be used in the system (1, 2 or 4 GB), and the format (FAT vs FAT32). This should help clarify those questions.

I found a fantastic deal on SD cards - 4GB SDHC cards. I couldn't find the same good deal on CF cards, so I decided to go the SD route.

If you're going the SD route, and especially if you pick up SDHC cards (high speed SD cards), you'll need to be sure to pick up this adapter:

SanDisk 6-in-1 PC Card Adapter ( SDAD-67-A10)

Be sure the the adapter says 'SDHC' on it, if you want it to be compatible with the SDHC card.

Before you start loading music onto your SDHC cards, put them into your computer, and reformat them. You can't use them as is - they produce the MEDIA ERROR that way. And you can't format them as FAT - FAT is unable to format to 4 GB. Just right click on the card in Windows Explorer, select 'Format', and just format the card once again as FAT32. This takes about 30-60 seconds to complete.

Now, load a few songs on the card (not more than 4-5 songs), put the card into the PC Card adapter, and test it out. If it works (and it should), NOW you can load up the card with tons of songs!

Remember you can only load up to 999 songs (the Navi system can't see more than that). And once you have a lot of songs on the card, give the Navi system a minute or two to index the card before trying to play with the card. Once it's indexed, the music on the card will be available to you.

I hope this helps with the problems people seem to be having using high capacity SD cards and receiving the MEDIA ERROR.
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