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1. I have a 2002 automatic transmission. And when it's cold start no humming sound inside the car. When it reaches it's normal temperature the car start doing this weird sound like humming or having a vacuum sound inside the car. But that sound appears above 700RPM but when it's below 700RPM the sound goes away.

When I checked it sounds like the sound is coming where the alternator, aircon, tensioner waterpump etc... But when we remove the belt to check if the sound goes away but to my surprise the sound is still there. with both "stocl intake and with SRI intalled but I am with my stock intake as of the moment. I am just wondering if somebody experieced it. Thanks!

Heres the link:

2. Every time I press on the brake slow or fast moving and when tapping the brake pedal you'll hear a loud sound on like a "1 CLUNK" or 1"TOK" sound. But it does not do it every-time it's occasionally. When we remove the wheen jack it up and everything I suspect the pads and Caliper. But while the car is jack up and hand brake I tried to rotate the rotor back and forth and there are clicking sounds. But if you rotate it fast and it snaps because maybe the hand brake is activated you'll hear a metal to metal "clink" sound. Is this a sign for repacking or need to changed the inner velocity bearing? Thanks!
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