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Husky or Weathertech mats?

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Does anyone have any experience with Husky vs Weathertech floor mats? I've never had either one.

I see that Husky has the front and rear mats for the 2017 CRV available now for $161.95, while Weathertech has only the front mats available for $109.95. They look to be quite similar.
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I think it’s a requirement now to have attachments due to lawsuits from mats that slide up and block the brake pedal from fully depressing.
Can you provide a source for this requirement? I looked at the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Standards and Regulations (2010 Version) and could find not such requirement.
Possibly it is a recent requirement for automakers, including the mats they provide. Not sure how it applies to aftermarket. I think it's a good idea, but seems they could still do it (and apparently some do) and cover the opening.
I know the slide show is generic, but if those are reliefs for anchors (not sure what else those could be) means it's possible.
In the US it would be the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (

The only requirement I found for a floor mat issue was an agreement between Toyota and the NHTSA about 2010 models of Lexus RX350 and RX45h vehicles. It was dated 2012, but mentioned an earlier letter from October 5, 2009.

I found several other sites that suggest vehicle manufacturers took it upon themselves to "fix" the issue starting in 2010.
Do you still like this? I haven't seen any other mat that provides as much coverage! But just wonder how it holds up as time passes- like does it fade or show scuffs and scratches easily? I researched abt the company - they are canadian- which explains why not so popular in US.

If you have kids or pets or are just looking for the best coverage, I would suggest the Tuxmat's from Canada. These came highly recommended when I was looking for mats for my Golf R. I pulled them out of my Golf last week when I washed the car as the weather finally warmed up - there was zero dirt/salt/whatever underneath of them and my carpet was just as clean as it was when I installed them. My wife really liked how they wrapped up and around the floor and under the seats, trim and console. While she initially balked at what I spent for them, when she saw the difference in our carpeting when I pulled her College Hills sourced CRV mats and my Tuxmats, she came around and I bought another set of the Tuxmats for her car. I know from asking about these in another thread that some don't like their appearance, but honestly they don't bother me at all - I bought them to protect the carpet in the winter and not for their looks. There is very little exposed carpeting. The rear wraps up and tucks under the seat with cutouts for the seat hinges. The fronts are able to be tucked under some of the trim as well as the front section of the console. They seem to cover much more than the Weathertech or Husky from what I have seen from the pics posted here. Anyhow, YMMV. I only post to provide another alternative. I bought both sets we have directly from Tuxmat in Canada. I had both orders in my hands here in the USA in 3 days which shocked me.

Sorry for the sun washed pics - I had the late afternoon sun to deal with when snapping pics.

Can't go wrong with Weathertechs or Huskys. The Huskys are a bit more flexible (I had both). I have 3D Maxipeder in my 2015 Accord and they wore a hole where so placed my foot after 2 years. They did replace them because they were under 3 years old (The warranty). They are a rubber coated fabric. I would say the Maxipeders look good bit are not durable. Vehicle Car Subcompact car Wheel Family car
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I've always used WeatherTech and been 100% satisfied with them. I think you can't go wrong with either WT or Husky.
Just bought WeatherTech front & rear floor liners, a cargo mat for low position, and car coasters for $300. Priced out Husky and it was $240 just for the floor liners, they don't even offer cargo liners. So on pricing alone WeatherTech wins. Will see how I like them when they arrive. (both brands were laser measured versions)
Husky's new ones the X-ACT are the best on the market. Have had WeatherTech before - they're hard, slippery, and have a short warranty. Presumably because they spend all their money on advertising at NASCAR etc. They're like the Bud Light / Miller Light / Coors Light of car accessories. You can do better.
Do you still like this? I haven't seen any other mat that provides as much coverage! But just wonder how it holds up as time passes- like does it fade or show scuffs and scratches easily? I researched abt the company - they are canadian- which explains why not so popular in US.
Yes. We love them (my wife has them on her CRV and I have them on my R). They still look good but they are only ~6 months old. After a hard winter with a TON of slush and salt in the cars from the kids, the carpeting underneath still looks new. So far, I highly recommend and I know they are on the pricey side and I know the looks are not for everyone but they definitely do what they are supposed to do!
WeatherTech for Sale

I have a complete set of Weather Tech to include rear cover for sale. Used one year $125 + shipping if I have to ship (Live in Northern VA but job takes me on the road a lot) - just sold 2016 to Car Max - big help in maintaining top value !! I attached picture after washing up. I clear land and always have mud on my boots...The carpet with original mats after pulling these weather Tech made the CRV look brand new.


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I'd be interested

I'd be interested, however, can't open the "attached image". I live in Maryland, so not too far.
Husky floor mats and cargo tray (for raised position) arrived today. I simultaneously ordered the Honda OEM set at about 1/3 the price figuring that the OEM would be better than the price difference. However, I was very impressed with the Husky's, especially the front driver's mat which covers much more territory than the OEM. Also, the overall feel and finish was more pleasing (not sure how big of a deal that is given they are floor mats). So, sending the OEM ones back and keeping the Husky ones at almost 3x the price. Also, the cargo mat fit perfectly.
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