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Hybrid EX-L Gas Gauge indicator?

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Hello all, new to the forum but a CR-V owner for five years. We just got the 2022 Hybrid EX-L last week and I notice that there is no red/orange bar in the fuel gauge to indicate the level of gas. Is this correct? I put about $4 of gas (about a gallon) in the other day and the gas pump shut off automatically so I presume that I have a full tank, but without the indicator it's hard to know. Is this a defect, or will it appear once the level of gas drops?

Thanks for helping a noobie!
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The 1.5T has a mechanical (or electro-mechanical) fuel gauge? I didn't know that.
Honda was clever here and essentially used the tried and true "lipstick on a pig" trick with the fuel gauge AND the temperature gauge. They are made to look digital via the trickery, but the actual gauge is an old mechanical swing arm gauge with lipstick for cosmetic appeal. :p

The fact that neither gauge is actually very linear in function was what drove me to check "behind the scenes" on these gauges early on for my 2017. Digital gauges, while they can be distorted by "garbage in = garbage out" generally speaking will track and report out gauge indicators in a more linear manner.
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