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Hybrid EX-L Gas Gauge indicator?

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Hello all, new to the forum but a CR-V owner for five years. We just got the 2022 Hybrid EX-L last week and I notice that there is no red/orange bar in the fuel gauge to indicate the level of gas. Is this correct? I put about $4 of gas (about a gallon) in the other day and the gas pump shut off automatically so I presume that I have a full tank, but without the indicator it's hard to know. Is this a defect, or will it appear once the level of gas drops?

Thanks for helping a noobie!
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The fuel gauge is the "vertical" bar graph on the right (the one on the left is the battery charge) and it's white. The number of white segments will disappear as you empty the tank. There's no orange or red that I know of.

I say "vertical" but it's actually got a kink in it about 2/3rds of the way up. I think that's just a style thing - I don't think that level has any significance.
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I was stuck on that image, and we haven't used enough gas to allow for the white column/bar graph to move. Thank you!
FWIW, there's also a "miles to empty" reading on your information display if you cycle thru them, which might be more useful. It's a 14 gallon tank, so you'll need to use 2 or 3 at least before you really notice a change on the fuel gauge.

I wish there was an explicit "gallons remaining" reading (since the computer obviously knows) but I don't think there is.
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The Hybrid is a pure digital readout, the Ts have some sort of mechanical "wheel" as well as colors.
The 1.5T has a mechanical (or electro-mechanical) fuel gauge? I didn't know that.

And yeah, the Hybrid dash is all a big LCD, or probably a couple of separate LCDs. Some of them have a dedicated icons, and the center part is just lowres bit mapped graphics.
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