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So do they use the same size and kind of battery that say a tesla type EV would use, or is it a much smaller battery? No. Much smaller. This is a Hybrid, not full or even partial EV.
On a road trip say about 50 miles on fairly flat roads and 60 mph, how often and how long would the gas engine run? Most of the time. The EV mode provides less than a mile or two of range. If that.
What sort of mpg are most getting? Read this pinned thread.
What is the approximate weight of the vehicle, is it alot more than just gas powered crv? Why dont you check on Honda USA website for specs?
What size gas tank do they have? As above.
How long before the battery needs to be replaced? How long is a piece of string?
Will they run at all and drive with the battery removed? Not likely.
How much is involved in removing the battery? One for your dealer.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts