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The best way to think of the Honda iMMD systems drive battery is to stop thinking about it. EVERYTHING about the drive system is under computer control of the Vehicle.

The actual drive battery is very small, by design, and it's purpose is really to buffer the power generated via the ICE-2-Generator such that the automated switching between pure drive from battery and generator drive via powering from the ICE, as well as a reservoir for recovered energy from braking.

Since the hybrid uses the drive battery in conjunction with the electric drive motor to start the ICE, if the drive battery were missing or discharged, you literally cannot start the vehicle, much less drive it.

The fuel efficiency benefits of iMMD come from 1) the ICE engine running on a more thermally efficient atkinson cycle, and powering the drive motors through a generator 2) recapture of energy in the small drive battery from braking. 3) computer control of everything to insure smooth and efficient switch over of drive sources during driving
1 - 1 of 5 Posts