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TL;DR It was the screen lock.

One major decision to purchase our new Honda last year was Android Auto. I have been extremely frustrated over the last year trying to get it to remain connected. I would plug in the USB cable and it might connect for a few minutes, but then disconnect. I tried everything; debugging enabled/disabled, several new cables, different USB settings, full HTC factory reset, reset the Honda instrument head, visit to the service center at our Honda dealer, forum inquires, blah, blah, and so on. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy and it seemed to connect.

This past week we finally got it to connect. How?

We live in a small town area, and I haven’t felt the need to use a screen lock of any sort for my phone. However, last week we were preparing for a week-long driving trip to a major city and thought best that we enable the security lock for our both of our phones. Miracle of miracles, I discovered when the phone was in the security lock mode, it would connect with Android Auto and stay connected. Every time!

If I attempted to connect while my phone was unlocked, AA went back to it's previous bad behavior and would not remain connected.

Another quirk; if I was connected and opened my phone to look at another app, like Gas Buddy, AA would immediately disconnect. In order to reconnect, I would have to unplug the USB cable then put the phone back into security lock, then plug it back in.

Note: I see there was an AA update installed on my phone that came out on 11-29-2018. I don’t think it was the update that made the difference, as we started the trip on 11-24-2018.

2017 Honda CRV

HTC 10, Verizon

Android 8.0.0

AA build 3.8.58456
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