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Whats up guys. Going to track my build of me ReOwned 99 CR-V. I sold it to my cousion 2 or 3 years ago and hes done with it so I bought it back.
Needs a bit of work but its only got about 130,000 miles so shes still young.

This is my 2nd and 3rd CR-V. My first was a doner for my civic but thats another stroy.

100% Stock with factory parts so she needs a bit of updating.
Going for a lifted off road fun build.

Budget: $5000 Because im not selling her again

Body work. The guy i had paint it 3 years ago did no sanding and just painted over everything.... Found this out about a year after when the rust started comming though the paint.
Skirts, bumpers, inner fenders, fenders and any other plastic is getting pulled to properly sand, treat and paint.

The fuel tank is leaking. I still have the one from my other CRV so that will be going into it.
RR Wheel bearing from when it was slid into a curb, Gotta fix the rim too. Its steel and does not shake. Slightly bent the lip thats it.

All the bushings. Its 20 years old. They need it.
Struts are factory with 130k and show signs of leaking. Going with Gen 1 Silver Coilovers - NEOMAX. Talked with the company and they allow for 1in of lift when adjusted for max height. Also allows for 2 in drop if I want.
Also, Im going to attempt to use the TEIN Damping Adjustment kit on these struts. Who knows if it will fit. If not it will goin my EVO anyways
If the Motors fit. Ill have custom 2 in spacers made for the top of the struts to get that extra lift.

My cousion put new rubber on her so, the tires will stay as they are but the rims will be paited so the chips are no longer there. I do have a set of the alluminum rims so i might do something with them. Still unsure.

I want to put a roof rack, brush guard, lights, and maybe running boards. I plan to have a skid tray built atleast for the engine area as well.
Rear windows will recieve a 30% tint and over time ill switch to LED lighting but everything works now so why fix what not broke.

Interior is stock, with the tape deck still. No speakers are blown out. Couple lights in the dash/center consol are out so that will be fixed. The clock is not lit anymore so maybe i can fix it? I think my other one worked when it was parked.

Other than that it dosn't need much. Tuneup was done 5k miles ago. Leaks a little oil from the pan gasket.
All in all it needs a good cleaning. Ill add pictures as i go
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P.S. The monty is mine as well

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Maybe a little more than a good cleaning is in order.....
Got it on the lift this morning.
Gonna drop everything off the chassis and start from scrach 20 years in the north east has taken its toll.

No worries. Just gotta get creative painting under the suspension mounting points because i cant paint on the lift...

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With Every action comes a plan!

Pro: I get to rent a lift for apx. $5/hr.
Con: can not paint on the lift.

The plan is to "Break" all the bolts. Wether they come apart or require the tap and die set will be determined at exicution.
Once everything is "Loose" i can get it back to my parking lot apx. 1 mile away and jack it up.
Going to start with the rear and remove, clean or replace everything.

Due to the lift im looking at the following breakdown:
Adjustable upper control arms - from rockauto $27 x2 They allow +2 to -5 degrees of adjustment
Adjustable toe links - Still Looking... all i can find is them from $160-$180
Recondition lower control arms with paint and new bushings - Energy Suspension Red $31
Recondition sway bar untill upgrade needed and new bushings - Rockauto $5 (Moog)
RR Sway bar link was replaces with Moog
LR Sway bar link will likely break - Rockauto $21 (Moog)
Trailing arms will be disassembles and rebuilt. Backing plates look saveable
Parking brake cables work and will be reused
Rear diff was serviced by my cousion at a shop and not leaking. Will be reused
Diff support will be removes with bolt fighting, paint and reuse
Diff mount will be replaced - Still looking for something thats not ebay
Fuel tank..... as you can see in the picture is leaking... Found one pin hole on the bottom, maybe more under left strap. Short term reuse after sealing. Ill pull the fuel pump and see how far gone it is. Tank is only like $100 so no sweat
New Tank Straps - rockauto $19
Brake hoses will be replaced with SS Braded lines - Andy Auto Sports $113
Frame supports will be removes and painted
Coilovers will be the previously mensioned ones - Coilover Depot $1095 (Set of 4)
Exhaust will be used untill exhausted
Driveshaft center bearing will be replaced - rockauto $59 (Dorman)

3 rust removal wheels
3 - 4 cans of etching primer
3 - 4 cans of undercoating

I think thats it for the rear. If theres anything else to suggest doing let me know.
So far Rear cost is apx. $1000 (50% of the coilovers). I was guessing it was going to be about $1500 wich it could still climb to but we will see.

Starting work soon once i get a nice tap and die set because its enevable ill need it.
Any suggestions on parts are welcomed. i dont like doing things twice if i can help it

After and only after the rear is completed will i begin the front. The coilovers will probaly be left out untill all 4 can be installed at the same time. Currently the car is only needed to get to and from work (2miles) so if it is down momentarly its fine.

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So ive been busy working on this, my Evo and Integra.... O yea and fliped a nissan maxima and a mazda b2500.

Also, been fighting rust on the car. 20 years of NY will do that.

I happeded to find the mythical camping bed rear seats. So those are installed too

So Far:
Rear Subframes are bedlinered and installed
Rubber Mounts are euathaned solid too
Rear Diff cleaned
Truheart rear upper control arms installed
New lower control arms (I broke the old ones by pressing the bearings in)
Old Man Emu struts and springs installed in the rear
Rear tank is new and bedlined
New tank straps
Rear Swaybar is painted
New Rear sway bar links installed
Fuel filler mount Fiberglassed due to rusted away

Dual exhaust moc mounted

Parts complete wainting install:
Front LCA Painted red
TrueHart front upper control arms
Front sway bar
Power steering lines

Need to do.
Clean and paint New to me Front subframe and ps rack
Install front suspension

Clean and fix inner fender of LR - Theres about a 2 foot hole in it
More Pictures to come

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