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I got my First CRV today, 2001 Manual 4wd.

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As the title states, I was browsing Cragislist last night, and came across a 2001 manual 4wd green CRV, for 1000 bucks. So I call him, go look at it, and scoop it for 600. Ive been playing with Hondas since I was 14, 32 now, so a tad bit of experiance, however, ive never owned a CRV, well, now I do.

It has alot of little things it needs, main being, its filthy. Not sure what im going todo with it yet, may keep it, we shall see. One thing I do know, is that Ill be documenting it on here. Im in washington state so hi to all my fellow PNWs.
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Great buy!

Have fun and keep us informed of what you do!
For sure, once I can post pics ill throw some up. Its rough. ordered all my OEM fluids today :)
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