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I reset the wrong thing in Maintenance Minder.

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I just got done changing my differential oil, then I went into the maintenance minder and tried to reset it. I accidentally reset the "transmission fluid" instead. Is there anyway to undo this?

I'm guessing not. When should I plan to change my tranny fluid then?
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I just had oil changed as per maint. minder and it was just under 36k so the brake fluid was changed as well. However, in 36k mi. I have yet to have a service writer tell me I needed to change diff fluid. I mentioned it once at around 24k mi. and was told it was too early to have done. As I've never changed diff fluid under 60k mi. I'm not gonna worry about it. If something happens I have proof that I've brought car in at every recc. service interval and everything has been done at dlr the car was purchased at.
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