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I wish my 2017 CR-V had....

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Some things I wish my CR-V had from the factory:

1. Rear cargo & rear seat power outlets (not USB)
2. Full LED interior lights
3. LED fog lights
4. Wireless phone charging pad
5. map pocket on back of driver's seat
6. Glovebox LED light
7. US heater rear seats
8. US panoramic roof
9. powered auto folding side mirrors
10. AUX port
11. Full power (2.5A) USB ports all around
12. Means to easily switch between two Bluetooth profiles on the infotainment system
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Wish it had a light in the center console - can't see in there to hook my phone or USB stick to the USB port.

My CR-V touring has a small light in the center console (in the front above the USB connections) BUT it is not bright enough.
You're right. The lights have to be on for ir to work. But it's useless.
1 - 2 of 76 Posts
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