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Hello Everyone!

I just replaced the heads in my 2000 CRV-EX and I had a weird issue with the car hesitating under load. I'd hit the gas and it took what seemed like forever for the RPMs to come up and for the car to accelerate.

I probed the TPS and found that it was functioning properly as I actuated the throttle - ruled that out.

I then removed the IAC, inspected it, and thought it looked pretty dirty. So, I hit it with some throttle body cleaner, put it back and got some new symptoms. Now, I have a "lumpy idle" and it idles near stall (300 RPM). However, I've got throttle response now - I hit the gas and once it gets to about 1200 RPM, the car is good to go.

I put an OHM meter on the IAC, and got a reading of 12OHMS. However, I don't know if this is accurate or not as I can't seem to find the spec anywhere (I know fords are in the 7 ohm range). Can anyone shed some light on it?

Thanks in advance!
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