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I cleaned my egr ports and throttle body last week and my 650 idle then shot up to 900, with random surging of up to 1700 idle while slowing down. My crv threw the p507 code, idle speed too high. I tried relearning the idle speed, cleared the code but it did no good and the idle stayed high and kept fluctuating. I did some researching and learned that I needed to do the two tps reset procedures, with a bi-directional scanner, to solve that surging and high idle problem. I read that this reset has to be done after any cleaning or replacing of the tps or idle control valve. I purchased a scanned that is capable of doing that reset and much more, did the tps reset and my idle and driveability problems were then solved. I got my info from a post on this forum, regarding tps and idle relearn procedures.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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