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I posted this some time ago, but have newer information after working with Honda's In Car Technology Group on the phone. Here is the issue:

When listening to FM stations there are times when the song display is incorrect. The song title displayed will be something that played some time ago. However, when I select menu, then Song Text, one of two things happen:

  1. The correct song title & artist will show there, or
  2. The Song Text option is greyed out. If I wait about thirty seconds it will finally light and if I tap it, once again the correct song & artist appear.

In both cases when I go back to the normal display it still shows the wrong title & artist. This happens on any station, but not every time. I feel this has to be a radio issue since its getting the information from the station but only updating one screen and not the other.

The techs at the Technology Support Group had me do a factory reset and that had no effect on the issue.

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen something like this, or maybe Honda has a known problem with their systems. I also wrote to the service manager at the dealer, but was hoping someone here might have some info that could help me the next time I go there.

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