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There are a variety of "controller" devices that claim to restore all steering wheel, etc. controls but they do not always restore "all" controls.
It also depends on the year of the vehicle...the older the vehicle the better chance you will have of getting all controls, displays, etc. when replacing a factory unit with an after market device.
I have a '12 CRV LX and replaced the factory head unit with an Alpine Ilx-007 head unit. I added the PAC SWI-RC steering wheel control adapter, $80.00, and the BHA 1729 Aftermarket Radio Install Harness, $12.00. These devices restored "most" of the displays and controls but I lost the ability to set the clock's time on the dash display and also lost the "compass direction" display.
I did not do the work myself, leaving it to a professional who did a great job...been using the same place for over 30 years so a good track record.

You need to give more info for more, better info...what year vehicle, what are you trying to achieve, what is your budget, are you going to do it yourself or let a pro do better know what you are doing, have time and the tools, otherwise you are going to spend a lot of time and frustration and get a very unsatisfactory result.

Good luck and keep us informed...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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