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Happy Holidays everyone, been a while since I've been on here but I'd give it a whirl.

My wife got me a Autopage RS-730a remote start alarm for Christmas. I've installed alarms in the past but before the chipped keys and no remote start. She also got a iDatalink ADS-AL CA (remote start & databus interface) & an iDatalink ADS-TB (remote start interface) since Amazon stated that the car required it for remote start.

I basically have a few questions, one - has she gotten the correct iDatalink components, two - is there any good instructions for getting all this into my car? (it came with a wire diagram but no steps, I've found pieces online of where everything goes but nothing definite) and three - is there any other forums online that could help? I've joined and will post ASAP.

Thanks in advance, I also have a steering wheel interface and 4 speakers, but those are nothing. This immobilizer is tricky to get around.
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