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Interior Door Handle Replace/Repaint

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Hi All,

New CRV owner (infact i havent even picked it up from the dealer yet)

Jus bout a 57 plate CRV EX. its generally its lovely condition for a 12 year old car, the 1 thing that does bug me is the amount of wear on the silver handles on the door cards, theres alot of black showing through.

I was wondering if anyone has had success respraying them silver or how easy it is to get hold of replacement ones...don't really want to buy full door cards.

thanks in advance

BigGee :)
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don't know, but ebay is your best bet. Other than that, I'd take all the handles off and paint with metallic spray paint if you're fussy. Several very light coats so it doesn't run.
What is "57 plate?" Did you mean '07? That "silver" is not paint, it's plating over plastic. Easiest fix is to replace. I would NOT go to fleabay. OEM is the only way to go, the cheapo ones break easily. Look here:

Part numbers 5 and 21. $46 bucks each.

By the way, the plating is razor thin and can cut fingers if an edge is sticking up.

Or sand and paint, as suggested above. Just know it won't last long.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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