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Hi folks, I'm Mel.

New here, was hoping I might get a hand pointing me the right direction for a repair. Any ideas? I would be so thankful!

I own a 1999 CRV, auto transmission

Here's what has transpired so far:

1. Started car Friday, started just fine.

2. Engine stopped after 3 mins or so warmup.

3. Tried to start it up again, just got sputtering, random, out the tailpipe. Engine turned over, but seemed to be choking. I let it sit a few days, figured maybe the spark plugs were flooded.

1. Started up today (Wednesday) twice just fine. Once to check,

2. and once for a 5 mile drive.

3. Got to the store, came back out, started, ran less than a minute, shut itself off again and only turns and sputters when I try to start it up again. Any ideas, what I might look at, troubleshooting-wise?

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