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PDF Handbooks:

Detailing World's Dual Action Polisher Guide

Detailing World's Rotary Polisher Guide

MikeyC's S2000 Detailing Handbook


Guide to Detailing by David Bynon

Polished Bliss Guides to Detailing

AutoGeek University

OCDetails Guide to Detailing

Ask the Detail Doctor

Todd Cooperider's Auto Detailing Guide

Detailing Wiki

Dave McLean's Guide to Machine Polishing by Dual Action Polisher

Dave McLean's Guide to Machine Polishing by Rotary Polisher

Mike Phillip's Tips on Using a Dual Action Polisher

How to Use a Flex DA to Remove Swirls and Scratches

Michael Stoops on the Challenge of Delicate Paint

How to Clean Your Pad During Polishing

How to Clean Your Pad on the Fly

Good Washing Technique

Accumulator's Non-Marring Wash Technique

Supe's Touchless Car Wash Method

Todd Helme's "How to Properly Wash Your Vehicle"

Winter Washing with ONR

How to Use a Claybar

How to Choose and Apply Wax or Sealant Protection

How to Clean the Engine Bay

Karl's Method for a winning engine detail

Engine Detailing by Anthony Elgan

How to safely clean and protect your engine bay

Todd's Helme's Engine Bay Detailing Process

How to Clean the Wheels and Wheel Well

Wheel and Arch Tutorial

How to Clean Wheels and Tires

How to Clean Tires and Rims (With a Purpose)

How to Maintain Your Car's Finish In-between Polishing Sessions

Using a Spray Detailer

Meguiar's Online List O' Links

Volvie's Links for Newbies

Enthusiasts' Guide to Auto Detailing


How to Wash Your Car (ShowCar Style!)

Junkman's Wash & Wax

Scottwax on Washing with Optimum NoRinse

How to Use Detailing Clay

Jay Leno video on claying

Mike Phillip's on Using a PC

How to Use a D/A Polisher

Polishing with a PC

How to Wax Your Car

The Junkman on how to safely use a quick detailing spray

Pinnacle Series on Car Care

Adam's Instructional Videos

Detailers Domain Videos

Meguiar's Instructional Videos

The Junkman's Detailing Video Series

Mike Phillip's Video Links


How to Use the PC for Showcar Results

These are some of the resources I have found helpful. Are there internet resources you would like me to add to my list?


(Updated on 15 May 2011)
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