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Hello All,

I'm new to the forums and a new owner of a pre-owned Honda-certified 2016 CRV LW AWD purchased in MD right outside DC. The sales experience was great. The vehicle came with standard wheels, but as a result of a quick mention, the salesperson wrote me a post-sales letter and asked me to please come in to see about wheels at employee cost. Wpuld any one know off the top, what that employee cost is for Honda parts and accessories? I've already started looking around for good sources.

Secondly, can anyone recommend anywhere in PG County/Montgomery County, MD where good install work can be done? I'd like to get a spoiler and running boards installed. After own my previous 2006 Honda Pilot EX for 12 years, I never got any accessories installed.

Thanks in advance. Forgive if the questions have been asked before.
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