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Honda CR-V 2017
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Since almost 2 weeks I am a new owner of a Honda CR-V VTI-S here in Taiwan.
Due I cannot read Chinese and collected as much as information as possible in advance. I was already a long-time reader here in the forum, which lead also to my registration, the forum here (incl. the download of the user manual) helped me a lot. Thanks for that.

Below some background information about the 3 models sold here in Taiwan:
The Honda CR-V 2017 model was finally officially introduced here in Taiwan on June 29, 2017 and available at the dealers July 1, 2017.
There was a pre-sale activity starting end of May of 1,000 units of the 5th Generation but the pre-sale exceeded these 1,000 units and mid of June additional 1,000 were added.
I mentioned above that I bought the VTI-S model, this is the "middle" equipped CRV-V here:
VTI (basic model): roughly USD 30,500
VTI-S (middle model: roughly USD 33, 200
S (Top Model): roughly USD 37,500
There are only 1.5l Turbo models available, all have 193hp (142kW), while only the Top model offers Honda Sensing, Panoramic Sunroof, Electric tailgate.
Starting from the VTI-S model, satellite navigation (Garmin) on 7" screen, Paddle Shift, Voice Control, Rear Seat USB and Dual Zone AC are added, plus some nice extras which are missing on the VTI model.

If you would like to know more, just let me know ;)

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