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Is the 15400-PLM-A01 Filter History?

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Time to resupply my stock of maintenance parts for my 2012 CRV and noticed that no one seems to sell the 15400-PLM-A01 oil filter anymore, which is specified for that model year. Most online Honda sources I've used in the past to buy the A01 now state that it has been replaced by the 15400-PLM-A02 filter. HondPartsNow even shows a 15400-RTA-003 filter for the '12 model year made by Mahle Tennex available in addition to the A02. Amazon & eBay still show some A01 filters for sale, but there is also feedback from purchasers warning receiving A02 substitutions. So I'm reluctant to buy from an unproven source.
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I guess they are still around, but getting more and more difficult to find. I took a chance and ordered some off Amazon after carefully reading recent feedback to see if the A01 is still being shipped. Mine arrived today and they are the A01 filters, thankfully.

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Interesting. Yes, ebay and Amazon always have plenty of old stock. I wouldn't put any stock in user reviews from those 2. Why not just use the filter Honda recommends? Superseding part nos. is very common, all vehicles. The old stock filter you purchased is no doubt just fine, likely exactly the same except the number printed on the can.
I went and order another 8 -A01 filters - I have 24 which should last me about 6 years with 2 Honda that use that filter.

I suspect that the A01 is history as Japan inventory has none - Just EBay and Amazon resellers.
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