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I have tried searching around and haven't found much information on the 2nd gen fog lamp install. I bought the Ebay factory kit, obviously it's not perfectly Honda, but its a pretty solid copy with wiring included. While I totally understand the wiring end, I just want to make sure I understand the bumper end, the physical installation of the lamps and the little housing trim things that they came with.

The version i purchased comes with little black trim slabs that appear to fit on the outside of the bumper? They also have a chrome like cover that covers the lamp. The hardware was included, but you can guess how good the instructions are. 1 page to explain the wiring is about it :)

I realize my car is 12 years old, but there has to be something out there that will show me exactly what goes where on the bumper, so I don't cut things up and end up at square one.

Thanks if anyone can help me.

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